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Consulting Engineering Services

Structural Analysis and Design

Complete structural analysis and design services for all phases of building projects, including due diligence, schematic design, design development, construction documents, contract administration, and construction phase services.  Preparation of bid documents, permit drawings, and specifications.

Forensic Investigations

Forensic investigation services including insurance claims, loss evaluation, structural condition assessment, building envelope, construction defects, water infiltration, and code violations. Expert witness and litigation support.

Code Studies

Code studies for buildings, building components, and product development. Building height and area limitations for building structural systems, use group classifications, and construction types. Egress and accessibility code compliance. Building components such as structural load capacity, stairs, guardrails, corridors, doors, ramps, parking, light and vent, FEMA provisions, etc.

Existing Building Restoration

Analysis and rehabilitation of existing structures, as-built field surveys and drawings, tenant fit-out, change of use, structural reinforcing, seismic retrofit, and adaptive reuse. Permit drawings and specifications.

Evaluation of Building Structures

Condition assessment investigation, due diligence studies for prospective buyers and Owners, as-built surveys and drawings, future use assessment studies for modification and expansion of existing structures.

Facilities Engineering

On-call structural engineering and building design services, design of small and large building modifications and additions for facilities adaptation, tenant fit-out, roof top equipment, fenestration modifications, repairs, and maintenance.

Component Design Submittals

Preparation of submittal packages including design calculations for connections, storefront and curtain wall systems, signs, canopies, and retaining walls for the contractor and/or fabricator. Design of temporary structures and shoring systems for the construction industry.

Cold-Formed Framing Design

Analysis and preparation of design submittal packages including calculations, product data, and shop drawings for the light gage metal framing industry including contractors, architects, engineers, and Owners.

Construction Phase Services

Engineer-of-Record and third party administration services during construction such as Special Inspections, on-site observations for compliance with contract drawings, product submittals, shop drawings, request for information (RFI), field bulletins, building permit applications, and Certificate of Occupancy.

Special Inspections

Special Inspections Coordinator and Agent services for compliance with building codes for soils and foundations, cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, masonry, structural steel, cold-formed metal framing, spray fire resistant material, wood construction, exterior insulated finish system (EIFS), and special cases.

Peer Reviews

Third-party and threshold limit review of structural designs include calculations for buildings and building components, code compliance, value engineering, quality assurance, constructability, and CT Threshold Limits.

Building Information Modeling

Digital representation of physical and functional characteristic of a building facility to create shared knowledge resources to support decision-making from conceptual phase, through design and construction, through operational life and eventual demolition with Autodesk Revit.